How To: The Soft Slick

By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis


10th August 2018

Calling all softies; this hairstyle is for you

You may have seen the wet slick for some time now, clogging up feeds and editorial pages everywhere. Slicked-out and wet at the root, this hairstyle has dominated the hairscape as of late. But we all know that what works in a campaign or on a red carpet most often doesn’t translate IRL. This is one of those hairstyles. Too greasy. Too wet. Too soggy. At home, the slick enters dark, dangerous and very slippery territory, with vast room for error. So how does one navigate the oft perilous path of slicking? With the soft slick, of course. The gentler, softer itineration of it souped-up sister, this variation is totally achievable, even for those lacking hair skills.

We enlisted the help of Headcase Hair‘s head honcho and Fashion Week specialist, John Pulitano, to help us slick it out – sans the grease.

Step 1: apply a body building product to dry hair, I use oribe maximista.

Step 2: spray quite liberally and finger dry in the direction that you want the hair to go in.

Step 3: then use a matt or satin finish wax product with a medium hold. Here I use oribe rough luxury soft moulding paste. Apply a thin layer to the roots of the hair taking fine sections working from the just below the crown to the front and down the sides.

Step 4: take a comb and comb the hair into place or just push into place with hands.

Step 5: finish the mid lengths and ends with oribe wave and shine spray. This will give that nice separation and a light wet look on the mid lengths and ends.

Step 6: finish the look with a working finish spray for a light hold. I normally use oribe freestyler.